Hire product minded developer

I'm a frontend developer with 6+ years of experience including positions like penetration tester, product manager and founder.

🎓 Experienced

Years in small and big companies gave me enough experience to solve different issues by different means, e.g. you can solve an issue just by talking to people, without any coding at all.

Also, I usually find myself somewhere between different teams, just because it's more efficient to solve problems working together.

Here are some achievements from previous positions:

Split delivery lifecycle into steps, which reduced feedback cycle from days or sometimes weeks to a few hours.Integrated loom.com into the development process, which helped during bug reports, code reviews, and noticeably simplified communications with product owners.Alongside, the design team unified UX practices across the company, which helped improve overall products quality and consistency.Pioneered e2e tests, and covered few apps with tests on cypress, which helped to catch bugs.Unified tech assignment review and interview questions in HR pipeline, which simplified hiring and made it more person-independent.

toolti.coFounder11.2021 - Present
xkit.coSenior frontend developer06.2021 - 10.2021
scal.ioSenior frontend developer → Team Lead04.2019 - 06.2021
evotor.ruSenior frontend developer → Product Manager05.2018 - 04.2019

These are most recent, I can send you full list if you want.

🏋️ Skilled

I have most experience with React and Angular based apps, but I can assist backend developers as well, especially on Express.js, NestJS, Flask or Django.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ React | Angular | RxJS | Cypress | Typescript

⭐️⭐️ Product management | Web application security | CI/CD | SCSS | LESS | Django | NestJS + TypeORM | Express.js | Docker | RabbitMQ

⭐️ Project management | Hiring | Functional programming | Machine learning | Haskell | Flask & SQLAlchemy | Flutter & Dart | AWS | GraphQL | NGINX | Protobuf & GRPC | Vue.js

🥷 T-shaped

I'm constantly peeking into other areas to understand how things work and to understand other developers better too.

Studying three.js journey right now (Snow forest, Haunted house, Galaxy, Cheeeeese?).

Wiring articles on dev.to.

Completed "Async Architecture" course with practice exercises (certificate).

Completed Build your own React course.

Hacked NPM & Rubygems & PyPi for $14k.

Completed Functional programming in haskell.

Completed Simulator for Learning Data-Driven Product Management (certificate).

As a part of Bushwhackers team, took multiple 1st places in cybersecurity competitions.

Got into top 12% in Driver Telematics Analysis machine learning competition.

💬 People say about me

🙋 Common questions

Are you remote-only?

I'm in Moscow, Russia (which is GMT+3 btw) right now, but I'm planning to move to Portugal via freelance visa this year. So if you provide relocation to any other country, I will happily move.

Can you do test assignment?

Yeah, I don't mind test assignment, but I have this todo app as an example, can you check it first?

Can you do a tech interview?

Sure, I would happily discuss with you any topic you want, but let's schedule it after initial welcome call 🤝

Why so fancy website? Why not regular CV?

I'm trying to improve my skills in creating landing pages & running ads, so I thought this may be an interesting idea to do, to build CV as a landing page.

Why do you build this website on generator? Aren't you frontend developer?

I'm trying to do only reasonable things. There is no much actual profit in building this landing myself. It's pretty simple, isn't it? Setting everything up manually may take a few days, when writing this text is a matter of hours. Why overcomplicate if the result is the same?

If you still have any other questions, I would be happy to answer them on the call